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Graphic of how a diploma can fade without UV glass

Protecting Your Diploma: Living Without Regret

An important question graduates ask themselves after graduating is "Why should I frame my diploma?". There are several reasons for framing your diploma.

#1 - Protection. Whether it's the natural moisture in the air, the chemicals from the diploma cover itself, the acid from inferior framing materials and even the harmful UV rays from incandescent and fluorescent indoor lighting, diplomas can quickly begin to degrade and lose their luster.

For many of those who take the first step by deciding to frame their diploma, they then set out on a mission to find a diploma frame to fittingly honor and celebrate their achievement. Along with this noble intent, we highly suggest the need to protect, preserve and prevent the almost certain irreversible damage - and regret - that can occur if the document is not cared for and/or framed properly. Our hope is that this can serve as the 'ounce of prevention' that will be appreciated if you choose to frame your document in the future.  How do we know this?  From years of listening to customers who bring damaged diplomas and other documents to us for framing. We feel their sadness and regret and want to inform everyone of this possibility.

We at Professional Framing Company have been at the forefront of Archival framing since 1987, so we take diploma framing very seriously.  We never take shortcuts. We use 100% archival cotton matting to prevent staining and yellowing of your document. We only use UV glass,on every frame.  It is our commitment to you because we know how quickly a diploma can fade and crack from just indoor incandescent and fluorescent lighting alone, not only to mention  damage that will come from direct sunlight.

Again, the reasons to frame a diploma vary, so we definitely don't forget the aesthetic.  We  also just so happen to make the finest hand-crafted diploma frames in the world. 

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