Our Craftsmanship

Custom Diploma Frames

  • The only company to exclusively use conservation-grade UV Glass on every diploma frame to prevent fading from sunlight AND indoor incandescent lighting.
  • 100% Archival materials used, exceeding Library of Congress standards for document preservation.
  • Trusted partner and exclusive supplier to numerous college and university bookstores.
  • Lifetime Guarantee. 
  • 27 years of know-how in every frame!

Craftsmanship is not something that’s often considered when purchasing a frame, even though it's vitally important, considering the hard-earned achievement that it needs to protect. The materials used are equally as important,  because it's not a matter of if your diploma and frame will degrade if cheaper, inferior materials are used, it's how soon.

Our frames start with master-craftsmen, who's 20 years of experience has turned the cutting and joining of our hardwood moulding into an absolute art form. Store-bought frames, nor those from our competitors in the industry, simply can’t come close to what he creates.  From the precision-joined corners and solid 10-point construction, to the impeccable grain selections, every frame is a testament of perfection. 

After leaving their skillful hands,  pure artists in their own right – cut and hand-craft each 100% archival mat board to perfection in our art room, before embossing it with gold leaf. They see to it that every frame exceeds Library of Congress Standards for document preservation so that every diploma stays as beautiful as the day it was earned - not just for a lifetime, but for the generations that follow, too. Their meticulous attention to detail on every piece, results in a stunning showcase for the diploma it will soon compliment.

Last, and certainly not least, self-affirmed perfectionists in every way, install museum-grade UV protecting glass and assembles every component into a masterpiece. After meeting a discerning stamp of approval, your piece is taken to shipping, where a quality control team inspects it one more time, before carefully packaging your frame for it’s safe arrival at your door, and your soon-to-come WOW moment.  We'd love to hear about your WOW moment when you receive your frame.  Contact us

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