About Us | A Closer Look

We make the finest diploma frames in the world

For us, each frame we craft is personal because we know that once you place your diploma into the frame, the pride of your accomplishment will be displayed for many to see for years to come.  Our rule here at Professional Framing Company is to build each frame like you are going to give it to your mama. It might sound odd but it is the truth.   Maybe that's why we've been trusted by colleges and universities across the United States. to be their exclusive supplier of diploma frames since 1987.  They know that we are passionate about building the best quality frame possible.

At our Georgia-based facility, just beyond the shadow of Kennesaw Mountain, our frames are not just constructed to last a few years, or even a lifetime; We're building personal legacies for the generations to come.  So we can't  take short-cuts.  We use only the highest quality materials, such as archival matting, UV protected glass, and 24k plated medallions.  We build each frame with incomparable skill and craftsmanship, until our passion shows. 

We are also as meticulous in our customer service as we are in our craftsmanship.  We never take a single customer for granted.  We understand that each accomplishment is hard earned and carries many emotions.  We know that when a frame is purchased, the pride in purchasing, whether giving and/or receiving the frame, can become diminished if the frame is damaged or imperfect. We stand behind our products 100% and our goal is for you to have a wonderful customer experience.  Our level of commitment shows in everything we do.  This is why we guarantee every frame for its life.  We are proud to be able to offer products to you and honored when a purchase is made. We truly appreciate every customer.

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