Life Post-College [things that weren't mentioned]

College is a fun time that consists of classes, meeting new people, and learning more about yourself and your limits. 

"But if college is like the shining midday sun, life after college is kind of like the clouds that roll in during the afternoon, making everything overcast and gloomy". ( Not sure what to expect after college? Here are a few things that no one tells you after you turned your tassel: 


1. You may not find a job in your desired field

Your first post-college job may seem pointless and not relevant to what you majored in, but can be a step in the right direction toward your future career. Show up daily ready to conquer the day and tasks ahead. You never know who is watching and may need the skillset that you're showcasing. 


2.  Social Media plays a part when job searching

Social media can often times be the deciding factor for a potential job offer. According to, 70% of businesses use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process and 43% of employers use social media to check on current employees. Make sure you're making the right decisions on social media and keep in mind that one post can be the difference in landing your dream job or not. 


3. The real work begins after you've earned your diploma

Yes, going to class and maintaining a good GPA was hard and maybe challenging, but applying for jobs and updating your resume is where the real work begins. 

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