How to take care of your diploma frame: 3 tips for diploma frame maintenance



We all know that maintenance is a never-ending chore. From spring cleaning to cleaning out your gutters in the fall, maintenance is a year-round thing. 

 For anything you care about, regular maintenance is necessary, and caring for your diploma frame is no different.

 Don’t worry — most diploma frames are fairly low-maintenance and easy to care for!

In this article, we’ll discuss a few handy tips to keep your diploma frames looking brand new. 


  1. Clean your diploma frame cover often

Diploma frames can seem like magnets for dust and the accumulation is often more obvious when on glass, especially on your diploma frame.  You can clean your diploma frame with microfiber cloth, mild soap, and water. 


  1. Don’t get your diploma frame wet

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but keeping your diploma frame away from water is a good practice. When cleaning your diploma frame with a microfiber cloth, mild soap, and water - don’t submerge the frame with water. We recommend spraying water on the cloth before wiping the diploma frame’s glass. 


  1. Use proper hardware to prevent your diploma frame from bowing

All of our diploma frames are crafted with high-quality products, so be sure to use high-quality hardware if you choose to display your frame on the wall. Choosing to use less expensive hardware may lead to serious damage to your diploma frame such as chipping, cracking, or shattering the glass on your diploma frame


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